CP-55R3 Regular Volume Floater 3-Way Nozzle

CP's Regular Volume Floater Nozzle with Stainless Steel Selector and 3-Way Deflector. Designed for conditions where drift is a concern and are excellent pre-emerge nozzles. With flood nozzle flow rates, this stainless steel nozzle is ideal for heavy slurry applications. Each deflector angle covers specific orifices for proper coverage, i.e., the S angle covers the smallest two orifices, the M angle the middle three orifices, and the L angle the three largest orifices. Change rates quickly without carrying buckets of tips; turn the dial and keep working.

  • Poly body with quick coupler adapters attaches to 3/4" cam couplers
  • Stainless Steel Eight Orifice Selector:  5, 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60
  • Stainless Steel 3-Way Deflector
  • Mounting is recommended for 60" centers or less. Orientation should be between 0º and 45º upward of ground parallel.
  • Operating pressures are between 10 and 60 psi.
  • GPM range of .50 to 12.00

All parts are replaceable.

Use the CP Quick Calc to find suggested settings for this Nozzle.


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